Jim Feldkamp Photography: Why Visit Acadia National Park

Jim Feldkamp Photography: Why Visit Acadia National Park

3 Reasons to Visit Acadia National Park by Jim Feldkamp

As many of you know by now, Jim Feldkamp is passionate about nature photography. Growing up, he spent his summers visiting national parks in the East Coast with his family. The very first national park he visited with his parents was Acadia National Park. It’s his favorite park on the East Coast, and often, he’d ask his dad to go with him for unscheduled visits. If you’re into nature photography, this park has everything you could ever want. It’s the perfect place to hone your skills!

Below Jim Feldkamp shares his reasons for visiting Acadia:

The Atlantic coastline

Picture this: turquoise water against an azure sky streaked with hues of yellow and orange. Perfect sunset shot. Sunset shots are probably the most popular nature shots ever, says Jim Feldkamp, so your take on this should be unique if you want your photos to elicit powerful emotions from opposite poles: joy and sadness, hope and despair, peace and chaos. It’s all how you render the scene before you, and at Acadia, you get different scenes from the same sunset backdrop.


When you’re at a national park like Acadia, it’s not uncommon to come across a few wildlife species. The national park is home to snowshoe hares, foxes, muskrats, chipmunks, moose, beavers, squirrels, and white-tailed deer.

This is your chance to up your nature photography game and include wildlife in your photos.


Believe it or not, there are 26 peaks at Acadia National Park. The most popular is Cadillac Mountain. The U.S. National Park Service notes that “the rising sun touches the slopes of Cadillac Mountain before any other place in the United States.” So, if you’re looking for that perfect sunrise, schedule a visit to the mountain before dawn. You should first check with park services and ask about the earliest time you can visit, because it may differ per season.

Jim Feldkamp hopes that this post has inspired you to grab your camera and head to Acadia National Park this summer.


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