Jim Feldkamp 3 Basic Tips for Successful Nature Photography

Jim Feldkamp 3 Basic Tips for Successful Nature Photography

3 Basic Tips for Successful Nature Photography by Jim Feldkamp

If you’ve recently started nature photography, chances are, you’ve found yourself going home empty-handed after an attempted outdoor shoot. You are not alone, says Jim Feldkamp. He, too, had to learn the hard way the importance of really planning your outing. In this post, he shares his three basic tips for ensuring that you at least get to bring home a few stunning photos after your outdoor nature shoot. They are as follows:

1. Learn everything there is to know about the place

Before you set out, it’s essential that you know all the important details about the location. Be it an urban park you haven’t been to before or a national park, learn everything there is to know about it. Basically, says Jim Feldkamp, what you want to know are the number of people that usually visit the place, spots that are off-limits to the public or spots where photography isn’t allowed, wildlife species, if any, and their usual spots and times of appearance; and plants and flowers.

With national parks, find out where the best trails are for the kinds of photos you want to take. Jim Feldkamp also advises that you hike with a guide if it’s your first time to visit.

2. Pack only what you need

One of the reasons for tip #1 is to determine which photos you want to take because it will then help you identify the items that you will need to bring. It’s understandable that you’d want to be ready for the unexpected shot but packing a zoom lens or a tripod, for instance, will only weigh you down. Decide on the photos and bring only what you need.

3. Pack a lot of patience

In nature photography, you must understand that nature isn’t going to be at your beck and call; displaying her beautiful colors, regaling you with her sunset, or pausing a scene so you can take that perfect shot. You are at nature’s mercy, so to speak, so be patient. Many renowned nature and wildlife photographers spend days and even weeks at the same spot to get that perfect shot.

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