Important rules to follow when taking pictures in natural reserves

Important rules to follow when taking pictures in natural reserves

I’m Jim Feldkamp. I’m very passionate about hiking and taking photographs, and I’m in love with our natural world. I believe that what we have today needs to be preserved for future generations. It is our responsibility to leave the world as beautiful as it is to our children and their children.

Last year, my friends and I visited a nature preserve in Asia and sad to say we all left very disappointed – not because the place wasn’t beautiful. It was. What disappointed us was that so many irresponsible tourists and visitors were oblivious to the rules of the area.

We arrived in the morning and hiked over three small mountains that took us the entire day. We camped for a night, and headed back to where we started. On the way back, we saw so much trash left along the trails. We tried to pick up as much as we could with the time we had but there was just too much. It got me thinking of all the rules and regulations people need to follow while visiting nature preserves all around the world.

First of all, always bring a trash bag. Odds are there won’t be any trash bins on the trail. There might be in camp sites. So, bring your trash with you. Don’t leave any plastic bottles of mineral water or food wrappers lying around. Not only do they look horrible and make the place unappealing, the wildlife may also be attracted to it and God knows that it can be harmful to the creatures as well as the ecosystem.

Speaking of creatures, don’t bring pets. There are animals in nature preserves that may be disturbed with the introduction of domesticated dogs and cats. It also goes without saying that local wildlife may also be harmful to the pets themselves.

As the saying goes, take care of nature and it’ll take care of you.

Hello! Jim Feldkamp’s the name. As a nature photographer, I love outdoor sports a lot. For more about the stuff I love, check out this page.

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