A few tips when taking pictures during high wind

A few tips when taking pictures during high wind

My name is Jim Feldkamp and I spend a lot of time in nature, taking pictures and admiring what the world has to offer. People have to understand the abundance of natural beauty in the world. You could spend your entire life traversing the planet and you still wouldn’t be able to take pictures of everything you would have wanted to take.

A few weeks ago, my buddy and I went down south to escape the cold, cold winter. We ended up in the Texas area and started a short hike in the wilderness. It was a bit challenging since we forgot to scout the weather report and had to deal with strong winds in the area. There wasn’t any rain, thank goodness. And we were fortunate enough to bring the right equipment for taking pictures during high wind.

So, it turned out to be a learning experience for us, one that I want to share with you now. Without further ado, here are some tips for taking nature photographs against the wind.

Set your shutter speed to 1/500.

It’s a good thing technology has evolved to make photography easier. Today, cameras should have settings to help photographers during the most unsteady of situations. Setting the shutter speed to 1/500 helps take clearer and crisper pictures. This is what many expert photographers do when they need to shoot in windy conditions.

Adjust to the direction of the wind.

Observe the trees and how the wind moves them. From this, you can anticipate everything else. Adjust your position accordingly. Veteran photographers use this technique not just in forests when the winds are strong, but also when they shoot ocean pictures, to anticipate the movement of the waves.

Mind your surroundings.

This tip isn’t more on photography as it is on your safety. Be aware of branches that may fall or flying debris. Stay safe.

Hello! Jim Feldkamp’s the name. As a nature photographer, I love hiking a lot. For more about the stuff I love, check out this page.

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Image source: ephotozine.com
Image source: ephotozine.com

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