Technology: Trending Photography Gadgets, Accessories, and Equipment by Jim Feldkamp

When Jim Feldkamp decided to focus on nature photography he knew that to capture truly captivating photos, he needed more than his simple point-and-shoot. He also knew that camera phones, advanced as they are now compared to a decade ago, just wouldn’t cut it. He needed “professional” equipment, he thought to himself. Being an amateur photographer, his knowledge of cameras, flashes, lenses, and other pieces of equipment is just the bare minimum. Now that he’s had more years of practice and developed his own style, he’s also expanded his knowledge on gadgets and equipment, especially terms that true-blue shutterbugs only understood.

This page is for newbie photographers who need help navigating the world of photography. In here, Jim Feldkamp will share the latest and trending technology in photography. From cameras to lenses, flash triggers, straps, bags, and more, the reader will find helpful information right here. If you’re looking to buy new equipment or accessories, you might find reviews of the products you’re eyeing right here.

Godox Wistro AD200 Pocket Flash

Jim Feldkamp starts this page with a brief review of the Wistro AD200 Pocket Flash by Godox. First off, this pocket flash does fit in most pant pockets so it’ll be easy for you to reach for it when needed, and stash it when not.

In a nutshell: The Wistro AD200 has wireless TTL capability, which means that it can hook to your camera’s exposure system wirelessly, allowing for control of exposure “through the lens” (TTL). This will come in handy if you’re photographing a scenic landscape as TTL controls the flash based on various elements, from distance to power.

The Wistro AD200, adds Jim Feldkamp, is also HSS-capable (high-speed sync) which means that you can shoot photos using a shutter speed that goes beyond your camera’s capacity.

Users’ verdict: 4.7 stars out 5