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Jim Feldkamp, being a nature photographer, likes to keep tabs on the latest news and happenings in the world of nature photography. From trends to styles and everything in between, he tries to read as much as he can about nature photography and of course, photography in general. And whatever he reads and learns, he shares on this News page; to help, inspire, and give other photography enthusiasts fuel for deepening their passion for photography.

2017 National Geographic Photographer of the Year Jayaprakash Joghee Bojan

This may be old news but Jim Feldkamp deemed it the perfect item to start this News page with because it captures everything about nature photography: the dangers and perils, the patience needed to get that winning photo, and of course, the most beautiful subject of all: nature and everything in it.

The winning photo, titled “Face to Face in a River in Borneo,” is a picture of one of the planet’s gentlest giants, the orangutan. The gentle red ape can be seen waist deep in the waters of Tanjung National Park shyly peeking from behind a tree, with one hand holding onto the tree and eyes staring deeply at the camera.

The image, shares Jim Feldkamp, also earned the Wildlife First Place award.

What makes this photo even more interesting is that the photographer had to wait a day and a night to spot the gentle giant. And when he did spot him, he decided to walk to the water until he was close enough to take his winning shot. So as not to disturb him, instead of hopping onto a boat to get close, the photographer decided to dive right into the crocodile-infested river, ignoring all thoughts of danger.

According to an interview published on the National Geographic website, the photographer wasn’t thinking about the dangers, the mosquito bites, and the cold because he was singularly focused on getting a photo of the red primate.

And that is how you take photos in and of nature. Stay tuned for more news updates from Jim Feldkamp.