Jim Feldkamp | Nature Photography

Jim Feldkamp | Nature Photography

All About Nature Photography by Jim Feldkamp

Jim Feldkamp has always loved photography. He is particularly interested in nature photography. Nature for him is the best subject of all. You simply can’t take a picture of the same landscape twice, meaning each photo of the same landscape, the same nature scene, and the same sunset will always render a unique picture. This is what Jim Feldkamp loves about nature; there’s always something new to capture no matter how many times you’ve seen it or been to the same spot.

For Jim, the most memorable moments of his life are those times when he is out in nature, camera in hand, taking photos of everything around him and capturing all the beauty that surrounds him. This brings us to the purpose of the blog site. Jim Feldkamp wants to share his experiences with readers, especially those who share the same passion for nature photography.

Jim wants to keep this site as simple as possible, so he only included five pages here. Apart from the landing page, there will also be a page dedicated to each of these: About, News, Technology, and Blog.

The About page shares a little background on how Jim Feldkamp fell in love with nature photography. The News page will be where you can read the latest news on nature photography while the Technology page shares the latest photography gadgets and accessories. The Blog is where things will get really interesting, says Jim Feldkamp. This is where you can read all about his experiences photographing nature, tips on taking quality nature photos, plus his favorite national parks in the country.

Join him as he goes on his photography adventures. Share your tips and lessons, and talk about your own unique experiences photographing nature.

There are posts on the blog page already up! Jim invites you to visit the blog page to read his adventures.