Jim Feldkamp Underwater Photography at Biscayne National Park

Jim Feldkamp Underwater Photography at Biscayne National Park

3 Tips for Underwater Photography at Biscayne National Park by Jim Feldkamp

If you were to ask Jim Feldkamp to choose only two national parks in the East Coast for nature photography, he would immediately say Acadia and Biscayne. Where Acadia National Park presents photographers with breathtaking sun-kissed sceneries, Biscayne National Park offers something just as breathtaking: amazing marine life under the sea.

Biscayne National Park is 95% water, which means that you’ll have plenty of opportunities to practice your water photography skills, above and below. With that said, here are a few tips/reminders that Jim Feldkamp would like to share:

Summer is the perfect time to visit

At Biscayne, there’s one season each that’s ideal for two types of photography: landscape and underwater. With landscape, the best time to visit is spring primarily because summer brings out swarms of insects, which can get in the way of your photo shoot for two reasons: they might bite you, and they might photobomb you.

For underwater photography, summer is the best time to visit because the waters are calmer. You’ll get more visibility, and the waters are safer as well because strong winds and cold fronts will be rare.

Go to the outer reefs

Take a boat to the outer reefs where snorkeling and diving conditions are excellent. It’s best to go in the morning as the waters are calmer. Take photos of yellow snappers, corals, and other colorful marine life. Jim Feldkamp reminds readers to go with a diving instructor and guide for safety purposes.

Plan ahead

Since you will be going to the outer reefs, it’s best to coordinate with the park regarding boat trips, diving gear and guide, and your visit schedule. Snorkeling and diving trips need to be scheduled because they are offered only at certain times of the day, and not every day.

Jim Feldkamp hopes that this post has helped you plan your trip to Biscayne National Park. Stay tuned for more photography posts in the coming days.


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